Simple Landing Gear with Retract Option


I was after some small, lightweight wheels that i could use on the bottom of an rc edf jet. 

i needed the wheels to be free spinning and as light as possible.

i printed 3 of these complete models, i did not use the retract option to start with.

i used double stick tape to attach to the bottom of the jet.

When i tested this (inside the house) the jet rolled along the ground at only a quarter throttle.

Retract option - for this to work i had to make mods on  the bottom of the jet to accommodate the wheels inside the body/wings.    It was not easy to make the wheels fit inside the wings so the wings have a hole in them now (shape of the base side view). the hole is visible and open when the landing gear is down. Soon as the landing gear is retracted, the hole in the wing is filled with the landing gear main body side view.

i have the retracts folding in to the left and folding out to the right. i used micro servos for this, 1 servo per wheel.   

Model was designed using FreeCad. Model was printed using RepHost Cura Printer Settings: - Print Speed: 100mm/s -Extruder heat: 200c - Bed Heat: 65c - Shell: 0.8 - Top/Bottom thickness: 0.6 - Infill: 5 - 10 %

Print time = 30 minutes (max) per complete model.

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