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SummaryBattle Arena Play Set. This model was designed to keep the kids entertained and save some of my old action figure toys. Any desired action figure can be attached to the spinning platform and controlled via the control arm. The spinning platforms offer minimum 80 degree rotation. Acton figures fight with controlled striking power. Prevent figures being damages due to kids being too rough.Print SettingsPrinter: DRT HanBotRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: 0.2Infill: 20% minimumNotes: Printing: Extruder Heat = 200c Bed Heat = 65c Shell thickness = 0.8 Top/bottom thickness = 0.6 Print speed = 100mm/s Construction Notes: I used super glue to connect the control mount to the base. I used builders line to get the spinning platform to spin by connecting them to the control arm. Designed using FreeCad.

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