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SummaryAfter making the other little handle I decided to make this one to replace a broken handle I have on a equipment box I had. I guess it could be used on anything you needed a large stout handle on. It is a one piece print, after printing just hold base and grasp handle to break free. I did 50% infill for strength but you can go 100% or less depending on the weight of what your lifting. As with my other handle it uses supports (I set supports to 30% fill with Simplify3D) and once you break it free if you move the handle back and forth the parts of the supports will start to fall out or you can grasp them with needle nose pliers to remove it. This is a large handle measuring 4" X 6" so you can scale it as you need. Modify it as you see fit.Print SettingsPrinter: FlashForge Creator ProRafts: YesSupports: YesResolution: .20Infill: 50%Notes: Raft makes it easier to remove due to large surface area on table. Printed in ABS at 235C and bed temp of 100CPost-PrintingRotate handle to break free and continue to rotate to break free supports inside between the handle and the base.How I Designed ThisUsed 123D Design to design, used Simplify3D to process and print.

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