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SummaryFirst off this is a Work In Progress! I wanted to make a 5mm LED light holder for these high output LED's. It started as a single LED then I thought I would group 6 together. My goal is to design a high output emergency strobe that will contain all the electronics inside. I plan on using yellow led's but I only had the red for right now. It is extremely bright and couldn't take a direct shot of the face with the led's lit because it swamped out the camera. Future aspects will include a removable stand, waterproof cover and the electronics. So if your interested stay tuned! If you just want to use the design for another project that's fine but give me credit. BTW using my FFCP the sockets that the led's go into is a very tight fit so it holds the LED's perfectly. I uploaded a single LED holder and also the 6 LED holder also.Print SettingsPrinter: FlashForge Creator ProRafts: YesSupports: NoResolution: .20Infill: 10%Notes: Bed temp 100C, extruder temp 235C. Infill depends on how tuff you want it. I think for the final product I'll be doing 100% infill so it can withstand being run over.How I Designed ThisI used 123D Design to design it and Simplify3D to print it.

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