4 Gage Ear Rings (Tube, Coffin, Skull)


Summary Was looking at some new earrings and thought "Why not design and print some"? So I did just that! These are some of the 4 Gage earrings that I designed so far. I printed them in ABS because I wanted strong plastic, something I could easily clean with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. I designed them with a depression so that a small O ring could be slipped on to hold them from falling out (mine stay in without them). I have worn one of them for a month now with no irritation or problems, I take them out once a week to clean them. I have printed 2 of the three (printing skull I just designed tonight) tomorrow and I'll add a picture of it. Yes the Skull STL file is large but I wanted the best detail I could get into it. Hope you like them, if you do hit the LIKE button and also hit the MAKE button and share a picture of yours! Print Settings Printer: FlashForge Creator Pro Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .20 Infill: 100% Notes: I printed them with supports and directly on my glass bed. Yes the Skull STL file is large but I wanted the best detail I could get into it. Post-Printing The tube may require cleaning out the center of it if your printer leaves spooge inside. Any rough edges on the stem I hit with 320 grit sand paper to make it easier on the ear lobes. If you do this make sure you wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to get rid of the plastic dust before putting it in you ear.

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