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SummaryBought some LED trailer marker lights that required a 3/4" hole to mount them, I didn't want to drill that large of a hole in the side of my trailer so I designed and printed these lamp holders for them. This will allow them to be surface mounted instead. These will work with any lamp holder (as long as the lamp isn’t too tall) that requires a 3/4" mounting hole. You may have to modify the lamp holder or the lamp depending on how accurate your printer is. There is two versions of the STL, one with a single holder and the other with two holders depending on how many you may need. I may modify these to have a notch on one side to allow the wires to pass out so it can be truly surface mounted if no hole is drilled behind it to pass the wiring thru. UPDATE: Just added another STL, the file LED Lamp HolderA is the file that has a notch in the side to allow side exit of the wiring and for the lamp holder to be mounted completely flush with the surface and no hole behind it for the wires.Print SettingsPrinter: FlashForge Creator ProRafts: YesSupports: YesResolution: .2Infill: 100%Notes: I used rafts to hold the supports and also keep it from being knocked loose from the table beings they are kinda small prints. Used Simplify3D to print it on my FFCP

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