4 Switch Plate


SummaryThis is a 4 switch switch plate for use in RV's, Trucks, Boats or any other place a removeable switch plate can be used. It's set up for any switch (I chose toggle switches) that uses a 1/2" main switch shaft (the part that goes thru the hole). I also put OFF and ON for a single throw switch (switch throw up or down), now if you use a three position switch you can simply use a sharp knife and cut the letters off the faceplate. Considering another version that will have a spot to insert a 5mm led in to allow the person to show when the switch is on. If you like that idea let me know or you can change this design if you like. This does not require rafts or supports though a raft might be an option if you have printer that it's hard to get stuff off the table because this print has a very large flat foot print to it. You're more than welcome to change this design to your liking but please give credit of original to me in your postings or remixes. If you like it and print it or remix it post your pictures of it, I always like to see what others do. Thanks!Print SettingsPrinter: FlashForge Creator ProRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: .20Infill: 15%Notes: Printed in ABS Feedrate: 50mm Travel Feedrate: 50 Print Temp: 220C Print Table Temp: 110C Used 123D Design to make and ReplicatorG to print

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