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SummaryGot tired of the blind on the door at work swinging all over the place when opening and closing the door. The cheap factory retainers that hold the bottom of the blind stationary to the door had snapped off (thin cheap plastic) and I decided that I would make some new ones. They are a lot beefier than the originals and I designed the holding pin a little longer (can be trimmed to what your need is) to allow better holding of the blind. You're more than welcome to change this design to your liking but please give credit of original to me in your postings or remixes. Designed and printed as a pair, one for each side of the lower part of the blind. I laid them on their backs so there is no need for rafts or support. This is my first design so go easy on me. LOL Enjoy!Print SettingsPrinter: FlashForge Creator ProRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: .2Infill: 25%Notes: Printed in ABS Feedrate: 30mm Travel Feedrate: 30 Print Temp: 220C Print Table Temp: 110C Used 123D Design to make and ReplicatorG to print

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