Ring Writer/Painter etc... Clip Assistant Device

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   Ring Writer/Painter etc... Clip assist those that suffer from gripping problems, arthritis, dexterity limitations or restricted mobility and consist of two connected rings. 

   Ring Writer/Painter etc... Clip Assistant Device is set up to immediately position the writing aid at the correct angle ( 35 degrees to maintain perfect pozicion to write according to the current study ) for proper use. The user is not required to use much or any gripping at all.

  The bigger ring is for the user's finger and the smaller ring is for the writing utensil. This assisted writing tool works with pens, pencils, crayons, paint brushes, and a variety of other items. Ring Writer/Painter is designed to align itself correctly for the user once it is slipped on their finger.

Ring Writer/Painter etc... Clip Design Specifications:

• Small size dimensions: 1.80cm

• Medium size dimensions: 2cm

• Large size dimensions: 2.50cm

Printing time 30  min +/- with 100%

Design Files

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Ring Writer Clip L.stl
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Ring Writer Clip M.stl
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Ring Writer Clip S.stl
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