AIO kitchen assistive device for people with hands disabilities

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           I created this device with the counsel of a friend chef for those with hands disabilities or even with one hand only.

           Seeing several times Brandy Leigh Scott 's videoclip  in the kitchen and trying to do something with my fingers glued in my own kitchen such as:  chopping fruit , separate the yolks egg or just cutting the bread etc ...... it was imposible task for me.

         So I contacted my friend chef and asking a few tips I started doing some sketches as you see in pictures but let 's get to work to explain what it is about:

        1- The cutting board is like any other but it shows the additional walls to help to cut or put the butter on the bred etc...

        2- Bred cutter left side ( to help in the fall slices of bread when cutting on the left side )

        3- Bred cutter right side (  to help in the fall slices of bread when cutting on the right side )

        4- Clear and Yolk seaprator ( to cut the egg and separate the yolk ) 

        5- Cookware multi box and bottomless cookware multi box ( to this universal box can be attached all devices, you can print as many want )        

        6- Cover for multi box cookware 

        7- Crimping hamburger device (  This device can be used to create hamburgers by pressing the minced meat ) 

        8- Hamburger mold 

        9- Helping device for cutting fruits and vegetables 

       10- Manual lemon,orange etc.... juicer

       11- Pusher for cans,bred cutting and for cookware multi box

       Adding other devices that will coupling to this device very soon so stay tuned.

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hamburger mold.stl
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helping device for cutting fruits-vegetables.stl
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manual juicer orange-lemon etc ....stl
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multi cookware box.stl
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pusher for cans, bread and cookware multi box.stl
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bottomless multi cookware box.stl
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bred cutter left side.stl
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bred cutter right side.stl
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clear yolk separator.stl
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cover for cookware multi box.stl
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crimping hamburger device.stl
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cutting board.stl
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