Latching device for people with mobility disabilities in hands.

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It started looking for a tool that would give independence to a friend of mine with a injury in his spinal cord.  Here a Video of my friend using it. 

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This device allows people with difficulty using their hands can grasp and release small objects using two latching systems. For now it is focused on activities of daily living such as eating, drinking and brushing teeth, but I'm working in new accessories that allow user to write, grab a phone, etc. 


At its base the device has two holes. These are used to “plug” the piece with slotted cylinders. Any object which has been attached to this piece can be grabbed by the user. The release is made pushing the button located in the outer face.

The other latching piece is used to grab a glass. The wings at the sides are hooked only sliding them up. The release is done simply leaving the glass on a table and sliding down the device. The glass adapter has two degrees of freedom so it can be adjusted to the user needs. To give more steadiness to the system there is a base with a heavy washer underneath, which lowers the center of gravity of the glass and reduces the risk of falling using a magnetised surface.

The system placement on the hand can be done in two different ways:

·         One is using velcro and the piece designed for that. The holes shape on that piece allows to join it to the system body both ways without removing the screws, so it can be used easily with both hands.

·         It also can be adapted to a splint if the user needs it.


·         No support needed.

·         Infill between 65% and 90% are advisable for every part.

·         It’s advisable to use different colors for the latch pieces, this will be useful to the user.


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Pieza movil.STL
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Agarre con velcro.STL
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Encastre para cajita.STL
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Encastre para vaso.STL
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Pieza articuladora para vaso.STL
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Abrazadera con velcro.STL
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Agarre a ferula.STL
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