Long Reach Laundry Scoop


If ! was a betting man ! would bet most people that use clothes washing powder find the tiny little handle on the scoop that comes in the box annoying and inconvenient. The weird feeling washing powder leaves on your skin, trying to dig deep down with that little scoop, and if you had limited use of your hands? Oh man ! would hate that little scoop. 

The Long Reach Laundry Scoop is a utilitarian item and as such ! recommend printing the Scoop Tub on standard Fast Print settings and the Handles on Normal or Fast Print settings, nothing more. The Handles are interchangeable.

The split in the ring of the Grip Handle is to help get a finger out should one get stuck in there.

The Pin Handle is easy to get into  a clenched fist.

So here's a new Laundry Scoop world! The Long Reach Laundry Scoop!

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Update 12 January 2018: model now solid  (no multiple shells) due to some slicing software not being able to handle multiple shells.

22 Sept 2016:  Updated STL's for a tighter fit of the handle to the scoop.

If you have downloaded and printed the updated files and are still not getting the handle to fit as tightly as you would like, ! would recommend scaling the Scoop Tub Down by 0.5% (that's one half of a percent) OR  Scale Up whichever Handle needs a tighter fit  by 0.5% (that's one half of a percent). If you downloaded the STL's before this Update please Re-Download the Updated STL files.

Standard Fast Print settings:

Print speed: 60mm/s - Top/Bottom Speed 30mm/s - Travel Speed 150mm/s - Initial Layer Speed 30mm/s

Pin Handle = Infill Density : 18%  -  Pattern : Grid |  Print Time: 00h 55min

Grip  Handle = Infill Density : 20%  -  Pattern : Grid |  Print Time: 01h 38min

Scoop Tub = Infill Density : 50%  -  Pattern : Lines |  Print Time: 02h 02min

No Supports, No Bed/Platform Adhesion.

Printed on an Ultimaker 2 Extended +  |  0.4mm Nozzle |   Sliced with Cura slicing software

Build Plate Temp: 60Deg/C  |  printed in ColorFabb PLA / PLH  @212Deg/C.

Boolean Operands were employed in the creation of this model.

Please remember material shrinkage will vary depending on material, brand and colour.

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D3V!rum3tM^ch!n^ @DVirumEtMachina

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