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SummaryTHIS HAS NOW BEEN SUCCESSFULLY PRINTED Everything works except for the Time Dials. My printer does not have the resolution to print the characters on the dials although the dials themselves print out fine. I suggest uploading and ordering the dials from Shapeways. This is my version of an Omni from Voyagers. Voyagers was a short lived time travel series which aired 1982/83 but left a big impression on many of its fans! To learn more about the show visit the link below.! The globe I used in the Omni was created by "Bld", another Thingiverse member, and can be found at the link below. I have always wanted an Omni since I first saw it on the show back in 1983. Finally in 2014 the technology has finally gotten to the point where I could build and print my own. This version is designed to have electronics added and includes space for both a battery and micro-usb charger port. There is also a clip to hold the LEDs and the button is designed to have a spring and/or a switch installed under it to light the LEDs. I have not printed this yet and know some of the parts are very small with a lot of detail. I have no idea if the type on the dials is printable or not. I figure If I have to I'll get this printed on shapeways but for those of you with a good printer it is all here for you to enjoy.InstructionsPrint all parts at the highest resolution possible and assemble as shown in the assembly image. I've given you the front case cut as well as uncut. This is designed to hold electronics. There is a clip for 2 LEDs a blinking red and a green LED, a USB charger and a Lipoly battery as well as a switch. The electronics it is designed around were purchased from Charger: Adafruit Part #1905. Lipoly Battery Adafruit Part #1317 This has not been printed yet and I suspect the dials as well as some of the smaller parts may be difficult to print. If anyone discovers a problem or has suggestions to make this better please post your comments in the comment section.

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