Laser Pointer Tripod Mount for Ghost Hunting and more


SummaryThis adapter will allow you to mount a laser pointer to a standard size tripod. Just slide your laser pointer into the mount and turn it clockwise to activate, counter-clockwise to deactivate. When you want to remove it make sure the laser is off and pull it out the back of the mount. This mount has many possible uses, but when used with a grid laser it is perfect for paranormal investigations allowing you to set up a laser grid in hopes you will see a shadow or spirit cross the grid.InstructionsPrint with support in hi or standard resolution. Insert a 1/4" 20 nut into the bottom nut capture then cover the nut with the plastic washer. This washer can be glued using CA glue if desired or left loose if you think you may need to change out the nut. The whole unit can then be attached to a standard tripod as shown in the attached photos. Please note there is a groove on the inner tube surface towards the front which is what the button of your laser pointer goes into when you turn your pointer to activate it. There will be support in this groove that must be removed before the unit will work properly. The end with the triangular arrow indicates the front of the unit. The groove to activate the laser is just inside this end about 1/8 of an inch.

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