Fight Club Soap Mold (and bar)

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SummaryThis is a 3D printable rigid mold I designed using Tinkercad which once printed allows you to make a rubber (Silicone) mold to cast a movie poster accurate Fight Club bar of soap. The logo on this bar matches the logo on the bar Brad Pitt held in the promo posters. The lid was made as a separate element to allow you to get the back curved edge of the soap when casting and also to make it simpler to print. Once the prints are complete, cast silicone into them and de-mold and you will have a 2 part mold ready to go. Snap on the lid, cast soap into the mold then when it is cured up pop off the lid and remove the bar. I've included the model of the bar itself too in case you do not need to make an actual bar of soap. If you do this I recommend casting it in a high durometer rubber such as Smooth-On's Smooth Sil 950 which can be found here: Hope you enjoy the models.Post-PrintingI suggest smoothing out your print with Smooth-On's XTC-3D before casting rubber into the prints to make your mold. XTC-3D:

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