The Fifth Element Stones (Elemental Stones)

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SummaryThis is my version of the Elemental Stones from the movie The Fifth Element. They are 1 to 1 scale and were built in TinkerCad based on very good photos of the movie props. I did my best to make these as accurate as possible. The "damage/cracks" were drawn and placed as closely as possible to where they appeared on the photos of the props. I made the stones hollow to aid in printing and I leave it up to you to cut them as you need to fit your own printers. 1 stone cut in half took 11.5 hours to print on my Mbot clone. Be sure to check out my other Fifth Element props on this site. I have also included an Elemental Stone Light Cover file. This file is designed to set ontop any of the stones. I suggest either printing it in a translucent filament or printing it then making a mold and casting in translucent colors to match the type of stone you place it on. For added drama you could use some of Smooth-On's Cast Magic powder in a tinted resin to get the sparkle effect as seen in the movie. DO NOT place candles under this cover only light them with low temp LED lights or battery powered flicker candles. The light cover is not vented and will melt if you use anything else to light them.InstructionsUse the prints as the starting point. I suggest using a dremel to damage/age the stones farther. I'd also sand the corners down some so they are not so perfect and make these look aged. If you want to turn these into lamps please print out the "Elemental Stone Light Cover" file in a translucent filament. You could also print this file out in regular filament and make a mold of it to then cast multiples in different translucent colors. I plan to use Smooth-On's Crystal Clear resing with a combo of SO-Strong Tints and Cast Magic powders to get the glowing sparkly effect.

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