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Summary Apollo Command and Service Modules. You can print the Command Module (CM) separately if desired. The internal parts of the CM can be printed, detailed with paint, and then glued into the CM Upper Shell. I'm still printing this so as I make prints I'll upload photos and if problems are discovered I'll update the STL files as needed. Photos of printed parts in the gallery are printed scaled to 150% unless otherwise noted. (Of course there are much better filament color choices than the ones I've made. I'm using up all my 3mm filament prior to upgrading my extruder to a dual 1.75mm system.) Instructions For the filenames the CM prefix refers to the Command Module and SM prefix refers to the Service Module. The CM couch support structures and docking probe are very finely detailed with extremely thin geometries in places. It is quite challenging to slice and print them at 100% scale. If you reduce the scale I don't see how they could be printed. Printing larger would make them easier to print but if you want to print the service module at the same scale, you may exceed your printer's print volume. Take it up to over 150% for example and I run out of build platform on my MendelMax 2.0. Look at CM Assembly.jpg for an overview of how the larger internal parts fit together. View and dissect the original object's STL file in netfabb or Meshlab to see in great detail how to position the printed internal and external parts for gluing. Use the overview NASA photo (Apollow_CSM_lunar_orbit.jpg) to help in color selection for exterior color filament selection or paint if you choose to go that route. For the CM you'll need to print a total of 3 couches (they're identical) and two of the Couch Support Assemblies. As the back of the couch will not be visible once the model is assembled it's probably best to print them backs down, Glue the CM Translation Controller to the left hand side of the leftmost couch. (left and right are referenced from a seated astronaut's left and right). The CM Docking Assembly is one of the most difficult things to print on this model. You can try to print it whole, using support material or probably easier is to print the component parts and assemble it with glue. If you go this route use the CM Docking Probe STL file as a guide to the placement of the component parts. I skipped some of the more difficult parts for now and just printed the docking ring and beam assembly. . Print four of the SM Reaction Control System and glue on to the outside of the SM body as shown in the photo or original STL file.

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