Tron Legacy Light Cycle Baton

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SummaryNOW TEST PRINTED: After test printing this I decided to beef up all the thicknesses, especially on the connecting tabs. If you downloaded an earlier version please download again. I have also eliminated the symbol lens into a single flat lens panel that slides behind the symbol cut just makes more sense. This is a light cycle baton from Tron Legacy. It is 1 to 1 in scale and is designed so that lighting can be added to light up the center symbols as well as the end cap lights with 3mm LEDs. There are many variations of this prop, stunt ones, display ones as well as costume ones. I took the elements I liked best from all the different variations to create my own. I mainly followed the production drawings and combined that with the look of the stunt baton. I'd print the symbols and End Cap Lights out in translucent filament so that you can light it up with LEDs. This is sized correctly to 11 5/8" and is intended to be worn on the side of your lower leg or shin. See you on the Game Grid fellow program!How I Designed ThisParts were built in TinkerCad and sized according to pre-production drawings. It slices well in MakerBot software and I've successfully printed one on an MBot clone printer.

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