Han Solo in Carbonite - Raspberry Pi 2/B+ Case


SummaryFrozen in Carbonite by Darth Vader, Han Solo has been traded half-way across the galaxy to ultimately serve you as a budget microcomputer! My love of Star Wars brought me to remix these two excellent models into this stellar Raspberry Pi 2/B+ case! Many thanks to Geoffro & aurelius for the original models. Works like a charm, but has limited ventilation in this version. I'll get a vented version up soon. Here's a time-lapse that includes my printing technique for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwiPxT9yCPo Enjoy! Bleep bloop, RigelbotPrint SettingsRafts: Doesn't MatterSupports: YesResolution: Split: 0.200 for the case, 0.050 for Han SoloInfill: 30% Fast-HoneycombNotes: Printer: Makergear M2 Slicer: Simplify3D Filament: Hatchbox Silver PLA 1.75mm Settings: Hotend: 210°C Heated Bed: 70°C Split: 200 microns for the case, 50 microns for Han Solo Adhesion: gluestick on glass + thin layer of hairspray Technique: At the 30 second mark (in the video), I had the GCODE pause with this: G28 X0; home x-axis M0; pause Then I flipped the upper section on top of the lower section for the extruder to print Han Solo; effectively avoiding using supports. This saved about an hour of printing and nearly half the material weight.

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