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SummaryLabel file has been updated to include the Leeloo images from the actual prop. This is my attempt at making a Leeloo Dallas MultiPass from the movie "The Fifth Element". I've always wanted one of these so I built one for myself and hopefully for all of you. I built it in TinkerCad and the entire piece is 3D printable. The photos show it with a printed rod and corner circle. For better accuracy you may want to buy the corner circle at a crafts store or mold one and cast it in a clear tinted resin. Included in the label files you will find the Pass for Leeloo and a blank version you can put your own photo into. I did not do a Korben Dallas Pass yet but may in the future. The back of the pass as far as I know was never shown in the movie. The back in the file was pulled off the internet and was done by a different artist. Enjoy your MultiPass!InstructionsThere is a full MultiPass file as well as one that has been cut down the middle for easy printing without supports. The Disk and Rod are included in the full version meaning you do not need to print them separately it is a one piece file of all parts. The pass shown in the pictures was made from the cut version.

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