Chess Set - Round vs Blocky

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Watch this video for more information:

This is my attempt at designing a chess set to be 3D printed. I designed it using Fusion 360. I went with the them of organic vs non-organic shapes. So one set is very curvy and smooth, while the other is blocky and polygonal. I designed them all to be printed without needing supports.

Print Settings: Layer Height: 0.1mm Infill: 20% Supports: No Raft: No

Design Files

File Size

Round Bishop.stl
1.37 MB
Block King.stl
15.3 KB
Round King.stl
1.74 MB
Block Rook.stl
10 KB
Block Pawn.stl
3.01 KB
Block Bishop.stl
12 KB
Block Knight.stl
10.1 KB
Block Queen.stl
43.6 KB
Round Knight.stl
1.42 MB
Round Pawn.stl
767 KB
Round Queen.stl
2.2 MB
Round Rook.stl
1.83 MB


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