Universal Camera Bicycle Dolly Adaptor

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Picture this! You are cycling around and you come across a babbling brook. The dapple light filters through the trees at just the perfect angle. Oh how you wished you had a camera dolly/ Camera Slider to capture this moment with a cool cinematic video.

Fear not! With this 3d Printed Accessory for your bike, You can easily convert your trusty bicycle into an instant low cost Camera Dolly creating some fantastic cinematic pans.

This 3d Printed bike accessory allows you to secure your SLR camera to the bicycle and adjust the angle to the specific bike.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO - https://youtu.be/LzVL3OKay_4

All you need is a 3/8"  or a 1/4" Screw from your local hardware shop. We couldn't find a shorter 3/8" (only 1" Available)  to fit our Manfrotto Pan/Tilt Head so we printed an adaptor.  There is also a 3d Printed adaptor to switch between the 3/8" to the 1/4" screws for mounting.

The Camera mount fits into your bicycle seat post. The mount has been design to fit various bicycles seat post. 31.6mm, 27.2mm, 25.4mm, and 22.0mm

You can even turn a little kid's bicycle or trike to get those low angle pans!

We also included an DJI OSMO adaptor to fit your OSMO!

All files have been orientated to print best without supports. Except file "clamp_osmo_longer support_required.stl"

*Disclaimer*- XYZ Workshop is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage from the use of this design. We used an Ultimaker 2+ to print in ABS at 50% Infill. Results and durability of your 3d Print may vary depending on the 3d Printer and the quality of the print and quality of the Material

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