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Summary Clapper Slate (aka Clapperboard) is a single print, with no assembly required. I have been looking for a clapper slate for a while and could not find a authentic looking one, so I decided to create one base on a typical cliche design. The print needs support which can be easily removed by pilers. To set the joint free, insert a cutter/knife into the gap and twist to break the support apart. Model paint is recommended but a permanent black marker will do just fine. White board marker works for writing on the surface and should be erasable. Default size is 13cm by 11cm. Print Settings Printer: FlashForge Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.3mm (That's what I used) Infill: Doesn't Matter Notes: Requires Support. Higher print quality recommended for the letters to show better. Minimum tolerance is 0.3mm. Post-Printing Remove Support Remove support by pulling with a piler. Break free the joint Insert a cutter/knife between gap, twist until a snap for the joint to break free Colouring Use model paint or just permanent marker to paint the board and the letters and you're done!

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