Vaterra Ascender Bronco Fenders for GCM rear Leaf Spring Kit

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This is designed to work without the rear shock towers and body mount. 

GCM Leaf kit:

I highly recommend glueing the parts together while you screw it together to ensure they do not break since the body is mounted to floor now.


4x 3x10mm button (Secure Fenders to Floor) 4x 3x10mm flat (two for Floor to chassis and two for body mount to floor) 2x 3x16mm flat (Secure front of floor to chassis) Velcro Strip about 6in to 8in long

Design Files

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L Front.stl
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R Floor.stl
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R Front.stl
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Body Mount.stl
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Left Rear.stl
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Right Rear.stl
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L Floor.stl
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