Vaterra Ascender (K5 Blazer) Inner Fender Set

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This is a full set of inner fenders designed for the Vaterra Ascender K5 Blazer for use in the stock configuration with the stock body.

These print strong in PLA.

20% infill minimum, 3 top/bottom layers, and 3 walls.

Print with the back side down. Supports designed into the modelwhere needed. Minim 8x6x5 inch print area required for each fender.

Design Files

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Front Left Fender v4.stl
172 KB
Front Right Fender v4.stl
172 KB
Rear R Fender v4.stl
172 KB
Rear L Fender v4.stl
172 KB
Floor Boards Left.stl
106 KB
Floor Boards Right.stl
106 KB


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