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This Spool Holder is designed to mount to an 80/20 15series T'Slot extrusion. It can be either secured from the side with the standard 5/8th in Bold or from the top with two 3mm screws with holes drilled and tapped into the extrusion. Mounts in the original spool Holder position in the Creator Bod 3D. Print: 1x Bracket 4x Bearing Stops or 2x Supported Bearing Stop Hardware: 6x 3x6/8mm screws (These will act as set screws to hold the 8mm linear rod/bearing Stop in place 2x 8m linear rod about 150-200mm long (should be just over the max width of the widest filament spool so that you can adjust it for all spool widths.) 4x 8x 25mm Flange Bearings

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