TRX4 Compact Battery Tray with Shift & Lock Servo Mount

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This kit is to relocate the shift and locker servos and provided a light weight low profile battery tray that supports smaller lipo’s and full size stick packs. It is also adapted to specifically accommodate the Reef’s RC 99:Micro 89oz Servo.

Reef’s RC 99:Micro 89oz Servo. -

If you are running the TRX4 Sport or just a 2 speed transmission, all you need is the battery tray and Frame Brace.


2 – 3x6mm Button

2 – 3x8mm Counter

2 – 3x18mm Button

6 – 2.5x6mm Button

Re-Used From Truck

3 – 3x8mm Button

2 - 3x10mm Button

REEFES 99.Micro Servo Only 6 – Saver Adapters

3 – 2.4 x 10mm Button

Design Files

File Size

Reefs 99 Micro Servo Horn Addapter.stl
731 KB
3 Battery Tray Brace 3 of 3.stl
202 KB
1 Servo Mount Battery Plate 1 of 3.stl
839 KB
2 Servo Locker Mount 2 of 3.stl
198 KB


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