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Summary Start outfitting your figures with a proper shop with this drill press. Everything you need to make either a free-standing or a bench-mounted version is included. Print one of everything, except the axels- for those, just choose either axle_full (for the free-standing version) or axle_short (for the tabletop). Alternatively, print one of the pre-plated versions. If you'd like to make a drill press with a differently-sized central post, you'll want to find or create a cylinder with a 2.8mm diameter. If you're not comfortable with CAD, feel free to use our parametric cylinder maker. If you like this sort of thing and want to see more, be sure to follow us on Twitter and/or join the discussion on our Facebook page Post-Printing All you'll need to assemble the model is a little bit of superglue, and (depending on your printer) maybe a knife to trim down the thickness of the axle. I recommend the following order: glue head_top to head_bottom to make the motor housing assembly glue your chosen axle into the base slide the plate onto the axle, a little past where you actually want it to be add glue around the axle at the desired location for the plate move the plate up and onto the glue while you're letting the axle/base/plate assembly dry, add a drop or two of glue to the handle and press it into the hole in head_bottom glue the completed motor housing assembly onto the top of the axle

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