Champagne Bottle (1:18 scale)

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Summary Ring in the new year properly with 1:18 scale champagne! This is part of our NYE set, which also includes: wrought-iron cafe table champagne glass champagne pyramid Also, if you want the crate that the bottles are sitting in, that's drawn from our customizable wooden crate. For best results, print in translucent green filament, and add a bit of gold paint to the top. You'll also want to make some labels - I've included both a PDF with the labels that I used in the photos, as well as an SVG of blank labels of the appropriate size if you'd prefer to make a customized version. I glued the labels on with superglue, and brushed a bit of clear nail polish on top to protect them. If you like this sort of thing and want to see more, be sure to follow our Facebook page.

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