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Team Associated RC10T Parts

Back in 1992 I worked a newspaper rout as a 12 year old. I loved RC Cars and was a huge can of Bryan Kinwald. I looked at his RC's and wished I could race right along side him. I set my goal in 1992 to save my money to purchase the RC10T. Back in 92 that was no small feet for a 12year old. I remember saving about $750 to purchase my first hobby grade RC car. I recently picket up and old RC10T that needed quite a bit of work to make it move again. I decided during the restoration and modification process I would make the files available to other RC10T lovers that my be out there. The restoration was never intend to bring it to a stock state but a club racer to pull out every now and then when I'm feeling nostalgic. Enjoy

Parts - Bumper, Transmission Shock Tower Brace, Shorty Lipo Tray

In Progress - Front A- Arms, Bulkhead R/F, Transmission Case, Shock Plate, Whatever else I come up with.

Rear A Arms:

  • The rear arms are a modified design of the stock arms. It uses the same mounting positions for the pins and shocks. I have made the hing holes a little deeper and added a 2mm hole next to it on one end to allow you to secure the pin in place with a 2x6mm Cap Screw like most modern buggies.

Battery Tray Parts:

  • Battery Mounting O-ring for Sakura D3 - BRAND 3RACING - Part Number: SAKD132 (about $2.50)
  • 4 - 3x12mm Machine

Design Files

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Transmission Brace.stl
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Batery Tray.stl
71.8 KB
AE Bumper.stl
239 KB
Divider Batery Tray.stl
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Front Band Clip.stl
379 KB
Rear Band Clip.stl
473 KB
Left Rear Arm.stl
210 KB
Right Rear Arm.stl
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