Vaterra Ascender Bronco Fenders

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These fenders are designed for the Vaterra Ascender Bronco Body. They will properly fit the Bronco in the Stock configuration.

Printing: Front fenders w/ supports, Rear fenders wo/ supports, floorboards wo/ supports flat


Front Fender: 2x 3x14mm cap, 2x 3x6mm cap, 2x 3x4mm cap, 2x 3mm lock nut Rear Fender: 2x 3x6mm cap Floorboards: Shoo Goo, CA Glue, velcro or other adhesive to attach. To mount, you will need to drill on 2.75-2.8mm hole in the top of each shock tower to secure it with the 3x6mm cap screws.

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R Floor.stl
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L Front.stl
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L Rear.stl
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R Front.stl
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R Rear.stl
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L Floor.stl
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