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So I'm a programmer by profession and I've had quite a few people ask if I could teach them how to code. And through doing that a few times, I've seen a few areas that people tend to struggle grasping the concept. So when I decided I wanted to make some YouTube videos about learning how to program in C#, I knew that I had to make some visual aids to help people see what's going on inside a computer at an easily understandable level.

So the main part is a little container that represents a variable. Then I've got some plates with data types on them (right now I've just got string, int, double, and float). There are also connectors to clip them onto the variable. There are also numbered plates to represent index numbers in an array, and a connector to attach two variables together and chain them to make an array.

So if you're interested in learning how to program, you should check out my video series on how to program in C#. It's aimed at absolute beginners. And if you're looking to teach someone else, these could help you out!

All of these were printed with PLA at 0.3mm layer height with no supports. These also print fairly quickly. I think you could print the whole bunch in about an hour, depending on how much you want.

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