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My newest design is this Mini RC Boat. It only measures 6cm x 4cm x 2.5cm and can all be printed within 45 minutes! It uses electronics that can be found in cheap RC helicopters. This model was designed to be printed in vase mode/spiraling outer contour mode. This design reduces leakage, reduces imperfections that could hinder performance, and the boat can remain quick to print and light weight. Check out my website, for a more in-depth explanation and videos or my Instagram for more projects!

Directions and Recommendations:

  • Print in VASE MODE/SPIRALING OUTER CONTOUR MODE. This worked perfectly for my Lulzbot Mini using a stock 0.5mm nozzle. You may need to change nozzle width
  • Make sure you get the motors and propellers on the correct sides (watch Peter Sripol's blimp video it shows you:
  • Cut down small drone props for the propellers
  • Look at the pictures above for guidance on the proper printing orientation
  • Hot glue the motors and electronics to Part 1
  • Turn on the module before sealing the hull with tape
  • Use tape to tape the 2 parts together seamlessly
  • You may need to add some weight to the inside of the tip of the boat depending on the weight of the electronics, or your print settings
  • When the boat needs to be charged, you must untape the 2 sides. Then, retape them when you want to use it again
  • Most small and cheap RC helicopters should do the job, but I specifically used one called the Air Victor (

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