Bicycle Mud Guard (Giant Trance Advanced)

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My latest upgrade to my mountain bike is this: a Bicycle Mud Guard, specifically designed for my 2018 Giant Trance Advanced. I assume that it could fit on other years of the same model, BUT chances are slim that it would work on other bikes. It has a super low mass (so it doesn't bang around) and its curved design gives it more structural rigidity. I decided to make this because that area of the Giant Trance Advanced gets bombarded with debris and is extremely difficult to clean. Check out my website, https://www.mattiatbutera.comfor a more in-depth explanation or my Instagram more projects!


  • You will need a screw that fits into the mount on the bike and has a low enough profile that it doesn't run into the front sprocket
  • Print with an extrusion/line width of 0.6mm to avoid dashy infill and save weight

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