Wheel Casters (Skateboard wheel)

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This design is a Skateboard Wheel Caster, that can be attached to your heaviest objects in order to move them easily.  They are super sturdy, even in PLA!  Any skateboard wheel should fit.  There are 5 parts per caster, each caster taking about 3 hours to print.  An interesting design feature is the dovetail joint that joins the two sides of the caster, which isn't there just for looks; it's used to easily align the the 2 halves of the caster.   Check out my website, https://www.mattiatbutera.com for a VIDEO and more in-depth explanation or my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mtb_... for more projects!

Directions and Recommendations:

  • Per caster, you need: 2 SB Wheel Caster (left and right), 1 SB Wheel Caster dovetail, 2 SB Wheel Caster axles, 4 screws, and 1 skateboard wheel
  • Print with a layer height > 0.38 mm to save time and material
  • Although the parts pressure fit, it is a good idea to superglue them in place
  • I recommend finding a ~4mm metal rod to strengthen the axle
  • Do not OVER-TIGHTEN the screws as you may crack the parts

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SB Wheel Caster axle.stl
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SB Wheel Caster dovetail.stl
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SB Wheel Caster left.stl
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SB Wheel Caster right.stl
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