Bicycle Shifting Indicator

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This design, the Bicycle Shifting Indicator, does exactly what the name suggests: indicate when one should shift gears on their bicycle! This robot is used to make your life on your bike easier! Using a button sensor and modified cam design, the robot senses how many rotations your pedals make every 2 seconds. With this information, the robot either lights up red to downshift, yellow to stay in gear, or green to upshift.

At the end of a 2 week online, pre-college course called the Tufts Engineering Design Lab, we were tasked with creating a robot with all the coding skills we learned, and this is what I created! I recommend checking out my website for a full description and the code!

Check out my website, https://www.mattiatbutera.comfor a more in-depth explanation or my Instagram more projects!


  • This was designed for a Giant Talon 3, so adjustments to the design may need to be made for your bicycle
  • Use some sort of lubricant between the cams and the button to avoid wear
  • The robot was based off of a GoPiGo and Raspberry Pi

Design Files

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Button Mount to Wood.stl
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Button Extender.stl
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Button Mount.stl
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Button Case.stl
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Chainring Button Clicker.stl
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