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This is a simple design that is very easy to print, and a fun way to fool your family and friends. This Magic 1x1x2 seems like an easy puzzle to solve at first, but one will soon notice that the cube is locked in an unsolved position! Check out my website, https://www.mattiatbutera.comfor a more in-depth explanation or my Instagram more projects!

HOW TO SOLVE: Lay the Magic 1x1x2 on its long side and spin it as quickly as possible. Carefully pick up the Magic 1x1x2 keeping it on its side, and rotate one half clockwise 90°.


  • Insert one ball into each hole on one half of the Magic 1x1x2 (2 total)
  • For the ball, anything that has a diameter less than 5mm and has some weight to it will work well (fishing weights, beads, etc.)
  • Use a strong glue to secure the cap that holds the opposite half on
  • Make sure you apply stickers/color on the correct sides

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1x1x2 Puzzle pt1 v2.stl
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1x1x2 Puzzle pt2 v2.stl
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1x1x2 Puzzle pt3 v2.stl
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