Foldable Bike Ramp

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For this project, I knew I wanted to find a way to use CAD in wood working.  The idea for a Foldable Bike Ramp had always been in the back of my mind, and being able to whip up virtual, 3D models without having to waste materials was intriguing, so I did it!

The ramp is extremely sturdy, extremely easy to assemble, and folds to LESS THAN 1" thick!  I have jumped this ramp over 100 times and it is still working perfectly. It can also be used as a computer stand. I loved combining 3D design and woodworking, and will definitely be doing it more! Check out the build plans below to make your own!

Check out my website, for a VIDEO and more in-depth explanation, or my Instagram for more projects!

Directions (follow along with pictures above):

  • Print out Foldable Ramp Template 1 and Foldable Ramp Template 2
  • Using tape or spray adhesive, temporarily bond the templates to 1/2" wood
  • 3D print the Jigsaw 14 degree guide, and use it to set your jigsaw to a 14° angle
  • ONLY the LONGEST side of the triangle should be cut with a 14° angle pointed outwards from the template. In other words, you want the template side of the piece having the smaller surface area
  • Cut the longest sides according to step 4, and cut the rest of the sides with the blade of the jigsaw completely vertical (no angle)
  • Sand the joint spot so you get a snug/tight fit
  • Put the 2 "legs" together, with the 2ND LONGEST side of the triangles (aka non-14° angle sides) facing down on the wood and trace the profile
  • Route out the tracings with a router using a 1/4" shank bit
  • Test the fit and sand or route accordingly
  • Using the jigsaw, cut out a rectangle around the area you just routed
  • Sand any areas that might need it, but I would not sand the surface of the ramp, as you want as much grip as possible there
  • Piece it together and send it!
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