Magnetic Tube Holder (CamelHack)

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This is a Magnetic Tube Holder for a Backpack. Designed with CamelBak's in mind, this handy, life-hack device clips on to your backpack's strap and water tube. I like to call it the CamelHack :) Check out my website, https://www.mattiatbutera.comfor a more in-depth explanation or my Instagram more projects!


  • Print the clip with a 0.5mm line width
  • Use 2, 10mm x 2mm magnets
  • Use tape to secure the magnets into place (be careful of the orientation of the magnets!)
  • For a sleek look, make the magnets work through the plastic piece

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CamelHak Tube pt.stl
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CamelHak Strap pt.stl
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