Triangle Twisty Puzzle

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This design of mine is a Triangle Twisty Puzzle. I have always loved making and solving puzzle, and this one I designed is a great puzzle that is not challenging to solve, or print. In fact, unlike many 3D printed twisty puzzles, this requires no support! One design challenge I had to overcome was making sure that the corner pieces didn't fall out when rotated. I solved this issue by incorporating a small lump/divot on the corner and edge pieces, and it works great. STAY TUNED FOR A V2 that will be smaller and work more smoothly. Check out my website, for a more in-depth explanation or my Instagram for more projects!

Directions and Recommendations:

  • Print with a low layer height (probably 0.2mm and below)
  • Print 1 center, 3 axles, 3 edges, and 6 corners 
  • Color with sharpies (like I did) or spray paint

Design Files

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Tri Cube Center.stl
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TriCube Corner.stl
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TriCube Edge.stl
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Tri Cube Axel.stl
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