COVID "No Touch" Keychain

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My new design is a COVID "No Touch" Keychain.  It is able to be printed in place all in one piece with any plastic all within 20-40 minutes!  When compressed, the spring like structure reveals the end of a plastic rod, which can be used to hit buttons on elevators, switches, keypads, and more!  In addition, the dovetail shape ensures that it slides only along one axis and ease of printability.  Also, two of your fingers can hide behind a plastic wall, another layer of protection.  Check out my website, for a more in-depth explanation or my Instagram for more projects!

*this keychain is not scientifically proven to protect from any virus

Directions and Recommendations:

  • Print with a layer height between 0.2 - 0.4 mm
  • Prints best with a nozzle width of 0.5mm or less
  • Use whatever settings are best for you when printing print-in-place objects

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