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Glump is the lazy Kreebil

He'd rather stay in and do nothing than go on an adventure. He actually got to earth accidentally by falling asleep in the spaceship. When he awoke and realized he was no longer on the moon it didn't bother him—he just went along with it. Sleeping is one of his favorite things, and now eating French fries is too.

Who are the Kreebils?

Bravely escaping the rule of the evil and selfish Moon King, the adventurous Kreebils headed off to find a home of fun and kindness. Once they learned about our ways, they realized the place they were looking for was Earth!

The Kreebils are fascinated with music, the internet, television and humans. Nothing makes Kreebils happier than being around the creative thinking and silly energy of kids!

You don't have to feed them or clean up after them, just let them be a part of your life. Whether you play with them or give them a shelf with a view, the Kreebils will be happy to be here in their new home with you!

Find out everything you need to know about the Kreebils at & YouTube!


All 3D printable Kreebils were modeled by the talented Tanya Wiesner

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