SplashLIGHT | Up-cycle Any Bottle Into a Beautiful Feature Lamp

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Bottles are great when they are full, but the're even better when they are empty with the Splash LIGHT. Display that expensive bottle of wine you never wanted to drink or a memorable night on the tequila (we've all had one of them). Compatible with most size bottles and interchangeable if you feel like creating a different lighting mood. Every bottle will change the ambiance according to that particular bottle style. Experiment with your favorite bottles or explore new ones, the variations are endless. For the light, we found an old halogen desk lamp, dismantled it and retrofitted it to the SplashLIGHT - be careful because these emit a lot of heat. We left the socket free inside the splash fountain so it could be moved up and down inside the bottle to the position we wanted. Alternatively, use it as a bottle holder without the light feature. It's up to you. SplashLIGHT it your way! Please don't do any wiring if you are not comfortable with it. Copyright Avooq Australia.

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