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Avooq has partnered with FeoArt to bring you the 3D Printable Nespresso pod rack as seen on Kickstarter and FeoArt.com. The pod rack system is designed to be printed in two parts and then assembled together via a neat friction fit. Place the pod rack inside a cupboard, under a cupboard and even on the wall, its up to you! Assembly Instructions: Print both rack halves. Press the two parts together. Apply double sided tape or command strips (if you want to remove it later) of at least 1mm thick to the back of the assembled parts. Stick to any vertical or horizontal surface and fill with your coffee pods. Enjoy! If you want the original Abucus pod rack, find it at www.feoart.com.au. Another Avooq creations, creation............................ with FeoArt. Find Avooq, for more great 3D Printable ideas and solutions.

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