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The Ipodium is a backlit, 3D Printed display stand for you to showcase all of your favourite 3D Printed artworks and objects. The Ipodium can be used as an open display case or a closed one. Simply scale the Ipodium up or down to suit your desired glass container profile. Upcycle your used glassware such as fish bowls, vases and even cups and glasses to suit the iPodium. The standard iPodium suits a 150mm (Internal Dimension) Glass Bell, scale the Ipodium according to the formula below. Scale % = Desired Glass Container Opening / 150mm. The iPodium works with a dismantled Ikea LED lamp using the LEDARE G9 bulb. Customise the text colour and lighting: Modify the 'text platform' with your own desired text and watch it light up with the led. Print the Light Disperse Platform in your desired colour and the text will glow to the colour you choose. Avooq Creations, Creation.

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