Clasp | Handy Pendant Light, Iphone Cord Dock, Power Switch Cove

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The Avooq team thought it would be interesting to turn the natural aesthetics of the human hand into an eye catching functional product. What we came up with is Clasp. Clasp has been designed to work with any corded appliance. It's two part shell provides a cover for anything between the power point and the device cord hiding all the unsightly areas including the power point socket of the appliance cord. How to use Clasp: Print the two components. If you are using it as a power plug cover you will only need to print the hand. Insert your desired appliance cord and assemble the two parts together with a twist and click. Let us know what you think. Enjoy. Recommended Print Settings: 0.15 Layer Height 10% Support Angle Works best with ABS filaments. Team Avooq.

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