Lil Pinner thumb wrestling ring

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The 'Lil Pinner thumb wrestling ring is the ultimate toy to test out your thumb wrestling skills. Each opponent grabs a hold of a handle, slides their thumb through the adjacent cutouts and then battles it out in the 'Lil Pinner ring until one opponent finally succumbs and gets pinned down to the mat. The stakes are high and the thumbs are flying even higher!!! It's all going down in the 'Lil Pinner thumb wrestling ring. Print yours out today.



For ease of printing, the file is meant to be printed upside down with the ring (fence) printed in the opposite direction (upwards). There is a gap left in between the four corner ring poles and the base (sockets for the corner posts) so theoretically, the ring (Fence) should be able to popped out and then re-inserted right side up. If there is a bit of play, it can be then glued into place for a permanent fit. 

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