Santa's Turbo Sleigh

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New for 2014, North Pole Inc. introduces their latest model turbo jet engine sleigh, the Santa 1. Now you can own the very same model sleigh that Santa uses himself personally every 24th of December!

Some of the new features for 2014 include, increased matter compression chest size, up from 10^6/1 to 10^9/1. That means more presents for you. This year’s model will be upgrading from the general Electric F110 to the F414-400 turbo jet engine, because everyone knows, Santa needs to get places fast on that big night.

Some other features include.

- New body styling and aerodynamics including antidrag windshield. - Dual F414-400 GE jet engines providing 22,000lbs thrust each.

- Front suspension to smooth out the bumps

- 1.3 gigawatt encapsulation forcefield for protection from the elements. - 10^9:1 matter compression storage chest.

- Dual side cup holders

-Full GPS integration, Full hyper Global Wifi, connectivity, flight navigation system.

- Comfortable ergonomic interior, including full front lounge style seat, wrap around dash.

- quad turbo jump jets for those quick verticle take offs.

- Sunstar headlights (20,000 lumen)

Regarding “real” model:

- Fully functioning on piece printable assembly with moving parts. At this scale, fine detail might not come through but the model might be able to be resized.

- Suitable for FDM and SLS printing, FDM will print as a fused model, if water soluable support material is used then there is the possibility that the moving parts will be functional.

- Moveable steering wheel via “miter” styled gear, ski pivots on hinge

- Functional presents chest, able to hold items, small items, think tic tac.

- Attachment loop for hanging option, on a tree, around your neck etc.

- All Original concept design

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