Adorable Lil Girl with Flowers

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This adorable little girl with flowers prints fast and easily. Prints hollow without support all the way down to a single perimeter so you have a lot of flexibility in how to use the model.

Fun to paint.

Also prints beautifully in cork screw mode using a single perimeter. Great for translucent or clear glass filament, yielding a delicate and beautiful piece of artwork.

Print at 100% scale for small figurine or at 200% scale for a classic knick-knack.

Prints without support. Here are 4 different print settings that work well with different results:

5 perimeters – 0% infill: comes out totally hollow with a nice solid shell. Feels hollow.

4 perimeters – 5% infill; has a heavier feeling to it.

5 perimeters – 35% infill; has a solid feeling, yet prints in reasonable time without wasting material.

1 perimeter, corkscrew vase mode – great for clear and translucent materials, or when you are in a real hurry. Please note, in corkscrew mode, flat regions like at the top of the head and back, will not be 100% solid. 

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