Angle, Elephant and Donkey

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Commissioned sculpture based upon a digital painting by TV artist  Ryan Cordin. This sculpture is optimized for SLA printing or in Frosted Ultra Detail at shapeways.

I see obvious political symbolism. I'm not sure if the Angle is preparing to strike down the elephant or if the elephant is preparing to grab the Angel, or both. Is the Angel proclaiming victory after a terrible fight or preparing to strike down the Elephant?  It appears they have been through a terrible fight and are emerging victorious. One thing is for sure. The elephant and donkey are founded in stone and the Angel represents justice.

I decided to use a non-symmetrical pose for the Angel's wings in hopes of making the sculpture seem more animated. You almost always see angle wings perfectly symmetrical and unnatural, but I think an Angle would use her wings expressively in conjunction with her arms when moving around on the ground. The wings tend to focus light onto the Angel's body creating an nice glowing effect. 

Hollow base is about 1.2 mm thick to save material.

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